Your most precious sense
is sight.

Our mission at Northwest Optometric Clinics is to provide you with your best vision and advise you on maximizing eye health!



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Optical Services

Optical Services




Our Optical Service at Tigard Optometric and Barbur Optometric provides high-quality frames and lenses for any lifestyle, occupational, and recreational need. We carry frames for all ages; infants to adults. We strive to carry a wide variety of fashionable frames to fit any style.

















Our services range from spectacles for general use at work or home to specialty lenses for sports, hobbies, or occupational use. Clear lenses and sunglasses are available.




A wide range of scratch-resistant coatings, anti-reflective coatings, photochromic, polarized and tinted lenses are available. We also carry many lens designs, including the newest in digital lens design. Our experienced opticians can help guide you in your decision making.






As a courtesy, eyewear adjustments and cleaning are provided without an appointment. Also, for your convenience, our eyewear production lab is located locally in Portland, allowing us to fill your prescriptions in a timely manner.